Decorative Concrete
Stamped Porch Slate Pattern
Stamped Sidewalk Cobblestone Pattern
Stamped Sidewalk Slate Pattern
Stamped Sidewalk Slate Pattern
Stamped Patio Slate Pattern
Stamped Steps slate Pattern
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Slate Pattern
There are many different stamp patterns to choose from alng with a variety of colors.  It is poured similar to traditional concrete, but with a few extra steps included. The stamp pattern is tamped in after the concrete is poured.  The intergal color is put in the concrete truck to mix the color evenly trough the concrete or you can use a color hardener which is cast on top of the concrete after it is poured, which means only about 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch is colored.  There are different sealants you can use to keep your concrete looking fresh over the years.  Decorative concrete can be used for driveways, porches, sidewalks, patios, around swimming pools or anywhere you desire.
Decorative Concrete:   It should have a minium compressive strenght of 3000psi (per square inch).  The Slump (wetness/dryness of concrete) for pouring concrete with color should be no greater than a 4inch slump for exterior placement.  The concrete should have air entrainment in the mix for the freeze and thaw cycles that happen troughout the year.  When the concrete has been poured, floated down and hardened a release agent is put on the concrete in either a powder or liquid form, so when the stamping process begins the concrete won't stick to the stamp mats.  After the concrete is hard the next step is to pressure wash to get the realease off of the concrete, then allow it to dry so that there is no moisture in the concrete so that the sealing process can be started, sealer is used to protect the concrete, keep the color rich and from dading.  There are different sealents that can be used like low shine, high shine, gloss, and non-skid.
Acid Stained Resturant floor
Edinburgh Cobble Stone