Traditional Concrete
Speer Concrete Design
Second Generation Concrete Finishing
Driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc... can also be poured the traditional way for a more simple and classic look.  You can make the traditonal look even more appealing by adding decorative saw cuts, tool joints and edges.  Some people have also chosen to mix the decorative and traditional styles together for a more unique and custom look.  The driveway or sidewalk can have a curved and rounded look or the basic straight look and sure you can mix the two if that is what you desire. Speer concrete will pour your driveway and or sidewalk any way you want.  Each job is unique to what  the individual customer desires.
Decorative Tool Joints
Stamped inlay
There are many different strenghts of concrete that are on the market, different types of jobs require different strenghts.  A driveway for a home we would recommend a strenght of at least 3500psi with air entrainment, a basement a minimum of 3000psi and no air entrainment would be recommended.  Commercial buildings are different depending on the architecture, the mix can range from 3000psi up to 6000psi or even greater in some instances.  The reason for air entrainment in exterior concrete is so when the concrete freezes and thaws it won't effect the finish of the concrete.  The air entrainment causes micro scopic air bubbles in the concrete.  Interior pours do not need air entrainment because it is not subjected to the freeze and thaw process.  Interior concrete has a smooth finish if it had air entrainment it would cause the top to pop off .
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