Custom Concrete Floor Overlays
A specialized concrete mix that can be placed over existing concrete floors or over wood sub flooring in any new or existing home.  This floor overlay is more effective than tile, wood, or carpet.  It is very durable, it has a compressive strenght of 4000psi.  The installation process includes tearing out existing flooring if needed or preparing the area for the floor overlay to be completed. The process usually takes three days depending on size of job.  It will be completed with little to no mess.
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The reason for using sealer is because sealer creates a barrier that protects the concrete from things such as salt and dirt, it protects it from the sunlight and other weathering factors, and it protects wear and tear due to high traffic.  On colored concrete the sealer keeps the color from fading and helps it to look good longer.  There are many differnt sealers available for different applications, such as a high build FDA approved sealant, poly-astic acrylic, waterbase, all which are good to use.There are many features like low shine and satin which  give a natural look, high gloss which gives it a wet look, or penatrating which is invisible.  It is recommended that you reseal exterior concrete once a year.