Custom Concrete Countertops
Concrete Countertops is a unique way to customize your kitchen to your specifiications.  The mix used has a compressive strength of 4000psi or greater and it is a non shrinkage material. The sealer used upon finishing the counters is FDA approved that means it is non-toxic.  Let your imagination do the designing for example add details in the concrete and choose from many different types of colors and stains that is why they are called Custom Concrete Countertops.The counters are poured in place to give you seamless counters unlike with granite or marble.  The  process of pouring the concrete countertops is done in a step by step process to keep the work area clean.  Tabletops, bartops, and outdoor furniture can be transformed to your desires just let your imagination do the work.
Speer Concrete Design
Second Generation Concrete Finishing
Sample colors
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Back splash form
                       OGEE                         Regular                         Capstone                       Diamond                         Marble
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