Welcome,   This has been a family business that has serviced the Piedmont area of North Carolina for over 25 years.  This company provides the highest quality of service at an affordable  price.  We can provide services for all your interior and exterior concrete needs. So give us a call and schedule a free estimate.
Speer Concrete Design can pour and finish your concrete to your specifications because we have many different styles that you can choose from to satisfy all your needs.This company is always trying to come up with new ideas and ways to make our products the best on the market .  Speer Concrete can supply you with your basic concrete needs such as driveways, patios, sidewalks, and basements with the traditional or a decorative finish.  Interior concrete finishing is also available for custom countertops, tabletops, and floor overlays.  We also do grading and footings for customers. No job is to big or small we have experienced and skilled workers who can complete any job in a timely and effiecent manner.
Speer Concrete Design
Second Generation Concrete Finishing
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